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holiday fic exchange reveal post

Bit late, but here are the fics I wrote over the holiday season.

This year I did the sanctuary_santa exchange, and wrote Objects Within a Magnetic Field, a Helen/Nikola fic for elegantpi.

As for yuletide:

For my official assignment, I wrote a super silly Community fic that I, quite frankly, had a blast writing, Help, I'm Stuck in a Meta Fic and Can't Get Out. kenaz, my recipient, seemed to like it, which I am very glad about considering, um, all the silliness.

I also wrote a treat, Kippers and Whistles - 30 Rock, Liz/Wesley, for winninghearts.

And a madness drabble, High Apple Pie in the Sky Hopes, about the gmail Bus Stop Theme Girl, for raz0rgirl.


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